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Slaven Law Firm, LLC Can Set Things Right

Serving the Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation and Criminal Defense needs of the Central New Jersey region.

Life isn’t always fair. But it should be — especially when someone has been injured or killed in an accident, workplace incident, or by the negligent actions of others.  Slaven Law Firm, LLC represents individuals and families in times when life isn’t fair and they need help setting things right.

We help victims of injuries or wrongful deaths to obtain benefits and damages they need to cover medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering and other needs resulting from their injuries. We help Worker’s injured on he job, and persons who have been wrongfully accused of a crime and are in need of the help of an attorney dedicated to achieving justice and satisfactory results for his clients.

New Jersey attorney Stephen Slaven proudly concentrates his law practice on the following areas of law:

  • Personal Injury — including car and truck accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice, dog bites and wrongful deaths.
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims — including assistance reporting injury claims, pursuit of benefits when wrongfully denied and recovery of money for permanent injuries.
  • Criminal Defense — including State and Municipal Court charges for domestic violence, assaults, thefts, robbery, burglary, firearms and other weapon offenses.

Our Approach: Cost-Effective, Results-oriented Legal Solutions with Honest Answers, Practical Strategies and a Personal Touch

Mr. Slaven started his firm with the goal of meeting the litigation needs of people in the Central New Jersey region but without the impersonal feel and excessive fees that come with hiring a big firm. Mr. Slaven understands that when you need an attorney to resolve a legal dispute, you want to talk and work directly with the attorney who is representing you. You want him to get to know you and help you understand your case. That’s why Mr. Slaven handles every case personally and takes the time to sit down with clients and carefully listen to all the details of their case.

Mr. Slaven also understands that you need results. In developing case strategies, Mr. Slaven examines each client’s circumstances and the facts of their case to determine the most cost-effective solution that provides the best value for the client. To ensure that clients are able to make intelligent, educated decisions about their case, Mr. Slaven takes time to explain the facts, details and options available in terms clients understand. He is honest and straight-forward in assessing each client’s case so there are no unpleasant surprises in the resolution of their case.

Find out for yourself why our clients choose Slaven Law Firm, LLC

If you’ve been injured or charged with a criminal offense and need help, you’re invited to receive a free consultation with Mr. Slaven. Find out what your rights are, understand your legal situation, and learn what Slaven Law Firm may be able to do for you. There’s no cost or obligation to you for this initial consultation.

Call our office today to schedule your free initial consultation: (609) 587-3250.

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