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Whether they involve a personal injury or a Worker’s Compensation claim or criminal allegations, legal issues can impact the rest of your life. Turn to New Jersey attorney Stephen Slaven when you and your family need the best results possible.

Please take time to read the case examples below to see how Mr. Slaven has helped individuals and families. Mr. Slaven understands that your legal issue is about more than just whether you win or lose a court case. Getting the right results, even when a tough situation like dealing with an injury is unavoidable, can minimize the impact of that situation and equip you to meet that challenge head on.

Notable Personal Injury Cases:

Negligent commercial business settles slip and fall injury
A local gas station/convenience store failed to maintain their parking lot causing the client to slip, fall and injure her back. Mr. Slaven negotiated a gross settlement of $95,000 on the client’s behalf.

Burn during therapy yields malpractice settlement
A physical therapy patient was burned on their foot during treatment due to the negligent actions of the treatment provider. Mr. Slaven negotiated a $55,000 gross settlement for the therapy patient.

Negligent business settles with slip and fall victim
When the negligence of employees at a commercial business caused a client of Mr. Slaven’s to slip and fall and break their ankle, Mr. Slaven negotiated a gross settlement of $55,000 from the company.

Collapsing chair yields settlement for aggravated neck injury
A prior neck injury was severely aggravated when our client sat in a chair at a commercial business and the chair collapsed unexpectedly. Mr. Slaven negotiated a gross settlement of $21,000 for the client for her additional suffering and treatment.

Careless contractor pays for trip and fall injury
A woman having work done on her home suffered a broken toe and bruising on her shin when the contractor she hired failed to properly protect the work area in her home. Mr. Slaven negotiated with the contractor for a gross settlement of $20,000.

Child’s back burned by hot soup
When a restaurant employee’s actions resulted in hot soup being poured on a child’s back, causing minor burns but significant pain for the child, Mr. Slaven negotiated a gross settlement of $13,000 from the restaurant for the child’s treatment and suffering.

Assaulted at youth soccer game
A participant at a youth soccer game assaulted a client of Mr. Slaven’s while working as a referee at the game. Mr. Slaven litigated the case and negotiated a gross settlement of $12,000 for the client.

Notable Criminal Defense Cases:

Client’s gun charges dismissed
Mr. Slaven helped a client indicted for Second Degree firearms offenses for the client’s actions of pointing a gun at another person. The indictment was dismissed when Mr. Slaven successfully filed a motion to dismiss and argued the case to the Court. After dismissal and further negotiation with the Prosecutor’s Office Mr. Slaven was able to convince the Prosecutor’s Office not to seek another indictment.

Not Guilty Verdict
Mr. Slaven’s client was charged with First Degree Kidnapping and Armed Robbery offenses as well as multiple lesser crimes. His client was facing well over 30 years in State prison and potentially life. The case was tried over a week and half with the jury returning a verdict of not guilty on all charges with the exception of a disorderly person offense of resisting arrest. The Court sentenced the client to time served.

10 to 20-year potential prison sentence reduced to probation and weekend jail on behalf of family
Mr. Slaven helped a client keep his job and continue to support his family even though the client faced up to 20 years in prison for multiple felony drug charges. The client was charged with First Degree Operation of a CDS (controlled dangerous substance) Production Facility, Second Degree Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute and Fourth Degree Possession of Marijuana with a total sentence of between 10 and 20 years in New Jersey State Prison. Mr. Slaven was able to negotiate a plea in which the client was placed on probation on condition that he serve a total of 90 days in jail on the weekends. This enabled the client to continue working and earning a living to provide for his family.

Dismissal of charges and plea deal drop potential 10-year prison sentence to probation
When a client with a prior criminal history faced a charge of Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute (5 lbs.) along with various other drug offenses, state law would mandate an extended prison sentence totaling between 5 and 10 years if the client was convicted. Mr. Slaven went to bat for the client and got several counts of the indictment dismissed. Mr. Slaven then proceeded to negotiate a plea arrangement in which the client was placed on probation and would serve no prison or jail time.

Client gets probation rather than 5 to 10 in prison for firearm charges
A client facing 5 to 10 years in prison with a period of parole ineligibility was, instead, placed on probation with no jail time after Mr. Slaven negotiated a plea deal with prosecutors. The client was originally charged with two (2) counts of Second Degree Possession of an Assault Rifle, Possession of a Shotgun for an Unlawful Purpose, the Pointing a Firearm at a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

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