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There are many reasons for selecting the Slaven Law Firm, LLC to handle your Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation or Criminal Defense case. Of our many strengths, the following are mentioned most often by our clients as reasons they appreciate working with the firm and comprise the foundation for the firm’s ability to provide quality litigation and legal services to our clients again and again.

Our Clients’ Top Reasons for Choosing Slaven Law Firm, LLC for their Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation and Criminal Defense Needs:

Service Oriented — Each case is unique and each client has unique needs and circumstances. Mr. Slaven listens closely and carefully to each client and works hard to ensure a resolution to the legal issues at hand that best meets the individual’s needs.

Personal Touch — Clients speak and work directly with Mr. Slaven, who personally handles each case and represents clients in all matters. Unlike the experience at many big firms, you won’t meet with one attorney while another, less-experienced attorney works on your case.

Capability and Experience — Mr. Slaven is experienced in litigating cases of every size and complexity. Regardless of what your litigation need is and who your dispute is with, Slaven Law Firm, LLC can help.

Cost-Effective Resolutions — We pursue a resolution to each case that achieves the client’s goals while remaining practical and sensitive to the client’s budget and other needs.

No Games — We want you to have a realistic picture of your legal situation and the options available to you. Mr. Slaven’s honest, straight-forward approach won’t leave you frustrated with results that vary greatly from your expectations and the promises made early in your case.

Uncompromising Dedication — Slaven Law Firm, LLC is unwavering in its pursuit of justice for clients whether facing insurance companies, unscrupulous businesses and others attempting to take advantage of them or deny them money or property that is rightfully theirs.

Clear Explanations — Mr. Slaven is known for using clear, easy-to-understand language to explain legal issues and clients’ options. Clients appreciate his efforts to ensure their comprehension of matters so they can make good, informed decisions about their case.

Good Communication — Clients appreciate Mr. Slaven’s accessibility and regular communication, keeping them up to date on their cases and always ready to answer any questions clients may have.

Skilled and Experienced Investigator — The key to winning litigations is having complete information about the matter. With a background in insurance investigation, Mr. Slaven knows how to uncover critical information and use it to position clients favorably in negotiations and courtroom proceedings.

Track Record for Success — What clients appreciate most about working with Mr. Slaven is his ability to deliver powerful results that meet clients’ needs time and time again. View our Notable Cases page to see a sampling of Mr. Slaven’s achievements on behalf of clients.

Find out for yourself why our clients choose Slaven Law Firm, LLC

If you’ve been injured or charged with a criminal offense and need help, you’re invited to receive a free consultation with Mr. Slaven. Find out what your rights are, understand your legal situation, and learn what Slaven Law Firm, LLC may be able to do for you. There’s no cost or obligation to you for this initial consultation.

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